Emerging Stocks Down Under 6 July 2021: Anteotech, Biomics, Sunrise Energy Metals

Emerging Stocks Down Under: Anteotech, Biomics, Sunrise Energy Metals

Anteotech: An immense capacity to charge forward

In today's edition of Emerging Stocks Down Under, AnteoTech is a Brisbane-based technological solutions company. While it operates in multiple sectors, its main focus is on increasing the capacity of modern Lithium-ion batteries. Currently, it provides everything from kits that improve the conjugation process in medical testing to COVID-19 test kits. However, it plans to grow by targeting the energy sector. It aims to do this through AnteoCoat, a technology containing compounds that enable control over material properties and silicon interactions in battery anodes.   Also in today's edition, a look at clinical-stage biophamaceutical company Bionomics (ASX: BNO) and miner and Clean-iX developer Sunrise Energy Metals (ASX: SRL).  

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