Resources Stocks Down Under 28 January 2021: Australian Strategic Minerals, Hot Chili, Empire Energy Group

Resources Stocks Down Under: Australian Strategic Minerals, Hot Chili, Empire Energy Group

Australian Strategic Minerals: Let's get critical

In today's edition of Resources Stocks Down Under, Contrary to the gold fervour in some quarters, some feel that we should be directing our attention to more critical Rare Earths. Having recently demerged from gold producer Alkane Resources (ASX: ALK), WA-based Australian Strategic Minerals is now independently focused on becoming a key critical metal producer. The company has two major initiatives: its cornerstone Dubbo Project in central-western NSW, which will supply a range of high-purity metals and oxides necessary for tomorrow’s technologies, and an independent metals technology facility to provide these materials on a commercial scale.

Also in today's edition, a look at copper miner Hot Chili (ASX: HCH) and oil and gas producer Empire Energy Group (ASX: EEG).

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