Emerging Stocks Down Under 16 February 2021: Imricor Medical Systems, Damstra, Advance Nanotek

Emerging Stocks Down: UnderImricor Medical Systems, Damstra, Advance Nanotek

AMP Limited: Everything has changed

In today's edition of Emerging Stocks Down Under, Imricor Medical Systems, headquartered in the world’s medical device capital of Minneapolis-St Paul, USA, has developed the world’s first MRI-compatible system for cardiac catheter ablation, with the system gaining CE Mark approval for Europe in January 2020. If you or someone you know are among the 12 million, or so, people worldwide that have atrial fibrillation, or some other arrhythmia problem, you may appreciate what a breakthrough Imricor has achieved. This innovative company is still in the early stages of its growth.

Also in today's edition, a look at workplace management solutions developer Damstra (ASX: DTC) and sunscreen product developer Advance Nanotek (ASX: ANO).

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