Small Cap Stocks Down Under 25 March 2022: Atturra (ASX:ATA)

Small Cap Stocks Down Under 25 March 2022: Atturra (ASX:ATA) 2
Atturra: A rare 2021 tech IPO that's trading above water
Many tech IPOs in the past couple of years haven't performed since listing but Atturra (ASX: ATA) has proven an exemption. It is not an unprofitable software stock but a profitable IT services provider. We think the IT services space is a great space to be in - with IT services spending reaching $37bn last year and forecast to grow 4.1% CAGR over the next few years. We also think given the M&A activity in this space, Atturra could potentially be a takeover target. Click here to read the previous edition of Small Cap Stocks Down Under published 18 March 2022. For in-depth research reports on ASX-listed stocks, check out our parent company, Pitt Street Research, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
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