Investing in Western Australia – A Special Report

At Stocks Down Under, we are the equities research specialists. In this exclusive report, we reveal some of the golden investment opportunities that Western Australia has to offer, including:

BrainChip (ASX: BRN) the artificial intelligence company that was created at the Technology Park in Bentley.

Perenti Global (ASX: PRN) the Perth-based mining services major with its great exposure to gold.

Peet (ASX: PPC) the property company set to benefit from the long-awaited turnaround in property prices.

Seven West Media (ASX: SWM) the media company transitioning well into the New Media environment.

Orbital Corporation (ASX:OEC) the drone component maker being propelled by superior technology.

NRW Holdings (ASX:NWH) the civil and mining contractor with a nose for good acquisitions.

Investing in Western Australia - A Special Report 1

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We’ve had some great successes!

We have been big fans of the Buy Now, Pay Later sector since last year with an initial price target for AfterPay of $50, which was reached recently.

And we have written about AfterPay, Zip and Splitit extensively in Stocks Down Under, including in our Special Report in April

And regarding companies that hail from Western Australia we like Seven West Media and BrainChip. When we wrote about BrainChip on 1 June, it was trading at 7.1 cents. It’s gone up more than 50% since then!

We wrote about Seven West Media on 31 March when it was trading at 7.2 cents. It’s more than doubled since that time!


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Investing in Western Australia - A Special Report 3

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Stuart Roberts is the Founder and Senior Analyst at NDF Research, an independent equities research firm that specialises in ASX-listed Life Science companies.

Stuart covered healthcare and biotechnology for the stockbroking firms Southern Cross Equities, Bell Potter and Baillieu Holst from 2002 to 2015 where he developed a reputation for detailed analysis on previously uncovered Life Science companies.

After working for two ASX-listed drug development companies in 2015 and 2016 he returned to equities research with the founding of NDF Research and, later on, Pitt Street Research.

Investing in Western Australia - A Special Report 5
Investing in Western Australia - A Special Report 6

Marc has 20+ years’ experience analysing companies in a range of sectors, including Food & Beverage, Industrials, Technology, Medical Equipment, Construction, Financials, Telecom and Media.

Prior to moving to Australia in 2014, he worked for a number of brokers and banks in The Netherlands servicing institutional and corporate clients in Europe and the US. Marc founded TMT Analytics in 2016 to provide dedicated equities research for the Technology, Media and Telco sectors. In 2018 he co-founded Pitt Street Research with Stuart.

In his spare time, Marc enjoys exploring the mountain bike trails of Sydney’s Northern Beaches or working up a sweat on Manly’s beach volleyball courts.

Investing in Western Australia - A Special Report 7