Emerging Stocks Down Under 2 February 2021: AudioPixels, Opthea, EMVision Medical Devices

Emerging Stocks Down Under: AudioPixels, Opthea, EMVision Medical Devices

AudioPixels: Still not quite there yet

In today’s edition of Emerging Stocks Down Under, Israel-based AudioPixels is developing, what it claims will be, a breakthrough in digital speaker technology. Instead of using the traditional magnets, voice coils and cones to produce sound the old-fashioned way, AudioPixels is developing a Micro Electromechanical System, or MEMS, to replicate sound directly from a digital signal. MEMS are a type of semiconductor, or computer chip. As any investor in newly-developed semiconductor applications will know, bringing this sort of technology to commercial fruition is very hard. The road is long and littered with stumbling blocks. It’s been no different for AudioPixels.

Also in today’s edition, a look at biomed company Opthea (ASX: OPT) and brain scanner developer EMVision Medical Devices (ASX: EMV).

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