Small Cap Stocks Down Under 14 January 2022: NZME, DRA Global, MMA Offshore

NZME: Finally focusing on itself

In today’s edition of Small Cap Stocks Down Under, as the letters in its name will have suggested, NZME is based in Auckland, New Zealand. This company owns and operates numerous publications in its home country. The company uses print, radio and digital means to sell its content, although the digital operations are mostly the online form of legacy print media. NZME produces everything from news to entertainment and has a special focus on real estate, with 19 of its publications targeting that category. Print media is dying slowly, but can a company as diversified as NZME
survive the onslaught?


Also in today’s edition, a look at engineering and operations management group DRA Global (ASX: DRA) and marine-related services provider MMA Offshore (ASX: MRM).

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