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Stocks Down Under
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 9 reviews
 by Nick Moran
Treat yourself and you won't regret it

Having sold my Afterpay Shares at $15 back in the day, I was looking to get back into stocks. I took on the trial and recently jumped onto a subscription. I just took my first profit and grinning from ear to ear. Being relatively junior to trading, Ive found level of analysis, insights and data SDU provide are a solid basis to assist in making the decision to invest.
Would highly reccomend to anyone!

 by Ahmad
"Do not kiss frogs...find the prince" with Stock Down Under

I signed up, a year plus ago. Stock down under service is only getting better.
Many of us are new to markets, and do not know how to identify opportunities.
Technical analysis or fundamental, top picks and webinars you name it.
All the tools i need to trade or invest. This full support package , give me more confidence to buy low sell high. My portfolio is just getting better at a fraction of my profits.
i listened to Stuart Roberts and i signed up.
So definitely do yourself and your portfolio a favor and sign is worth it

Thanks Ahmed. We're very glad to hear your investing skills are improving!

 by Paul M.
Great performance so far!

I'm very pleased to have subscribed. I haven't used as much of the material as I could have, but my stock selections based on your newsletters (which are clear and concise) have performed extremely well, e.g. BTH, CGS and WBT. My available cash at the time was limited so the holdings were relatively small, but they have greatly improved my portfolio's performance and given me more flexibility with future selections.

Thanks Paul. Glad to see you're getting great value!

 by Thandi
Very Worth It

Started investing this year in March, lost a bit of money following pump & dump stocks online. Since signing up with Stocks Down Under have made profits on their recommendations and learnt a lot about the companies in the recommendations. Also very impressed with the service and quick responses to any of my questions.

 by Anil Mongia

Up-to-date coverage

 by Ahmad

Nice work. Good recommendations at good timing.

 by philip ewart
top gig

I'm only new to this service but very very impressed

 by Lincoln Liu
Great insights - Relevant and Timely

Covers fundamentals really well and also trading ideas.

 by Timothy P, Strategy Consultant (Ret.)

I'm a satisfied subscriber. Keep up the good work.