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Concierge gives you timely BUY and SELL alerts on ASX-listed stocks

BUY alerts on ASX-listed stocks through email and SMS with buy range, price target and stop loss level.

SELL alerts by email and SMS when we believe the stock has run it's course.

Concierge is ideal for time-poor investors who want actionable stock advice without having to do heaps of research.

Suitable to people who are new to investing, market veterans and every investor in between.


Stuart Roberts is the co-founder of Stocks Down Under. Previously, Stuart covered the healthcare and biotechnology sectors at NDF Research and at stockbroking firms Southern Cross Equities, Bell Potter and Baillieu Holst from 2002 to 2015, where he developed a reputation for detailed analysis on previously uncovered Life Science companies. In 2018, he co-founded Pitt Street Research together with Marc.

Concierge 2MARC KENNIS

Marc is the co-founder of Stocks Down Under and has 20+ years experience analysing companies in a range of sectors, including Food & Beverage, Industrials, Technology, Medical Equipment, Telecom and Media. Prior to moving to Australia in 2014, he worked for a number of brokers and banks in The Netherlands, including ING and Rabobank. In 2018, Marc co-founded Pitt Street Research, Australia's preeminent issuer-sponsored equities research firm.

Concierge 3PETER KILBY

Pete is Stocks Down Under's head of customer service. He is an avid investor with a knack for deep-dive company research. Pete likes the more established companies on ASX, but doesn't shy away from the occasional risky play. At Stocks Down Under he gets to do the two things he loves most, investing and talking to like-minded people.

Who we are and what we aim for

We started out in financial markets in the mid-90s and have been through several bull and bear markets.

The Stocks Down Under Concierge team hunts for stock ideas in all sectors on the ASX.

The team has specific knowledge of high-profile sectors, like Techology, Life Sciences and Resources.

We aim for a performance between 20% and 40% per Concierge stock idea.

The average performance of Marc & Stuart's past Top Picks is >38%.

Concierge Membership Options

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Get BUY alerts with price targets and stop loss levels
Get SELL alerts when a stock has run its course
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Concierge Annual Subscription
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Get BUY alerts with price targets and stop loss levels
Get SELL alerts when a stock has run its course
Access to Active Trades
Access to Past Trades

General Advice Warning

Stocks Down Under Concierge provides General Advice only.

None of our services constitute Personal Advice.

What our subscribers think of Stocks Down Under

Timothy P, Strategy Consultant

I'm a satisfied subscriber. Keep up the good work.

Anil Mongia

Excellent Up-to-date coverage of ASX listed stocks.

Lincoln Liu

Covers fundamentals really well and also trading ideas.

Philip Ewart

I'm only new to this service but very very impressed.

David McAuliffe
1 September 2020

This is by far my favourite publication for Aussie stock picks. The quality of the analysis is well beyond what the monthly price would suggest and I've uncovered some real gems that my other services had missed all together.

Mike Hale
22 July 2020

I had some healthy skepticism when I first signed up for Stocks Down Under but the wins I had in the first two months more than covered the annual cost of the subscription and I'm now well in front. I highly recommend this to investors of all levels.

Paul Mahoney
22 January 2021

I'm very pleased to have subscribed. I haven't used as much of the material as I could have, but my stock selections based on your newsletters (which are clear and concise) have performed extremely well, e.g. BTH, CGS and WBT. My available cash at the time was limited so the holdings were relatively small, but they have greatly improved my portfolio's performance and given me more flexibility with future selections.

Thandi S.

Started investing this year in March, lost a bit of money following pump & dump stocks online. Since signing up with Stocks Down Under have made profits on their recommendations and learnt a lot about the companies in the recommendations. Also very impressed with the service and quick responses to any of my questions.

Chris D.

I'd like to thank you for providing a fantastic resource. You clearly put a huge amount of work into your research and the model portfolio's are an excellent guide. I'm very happy I subscribed - keep up the good work!

Gavin L.
10 March 2021

Would like to thank Marc from Stocks down under for his help in deciding to make a small investment in Pointerra (3DP) back in early 2019. At this time I was looking for a "new tech" play and Nearmap (NEA) was a a market darling, and had already taken off. Marc shared an insight or two on this stock, which I credit with being a deciding factor to my decision to invest. My return on this investment was been pretty spectacular, making a huge contribution to my portfolio returns, so a big thank you again to Marc and Stocks Down Under.

7 April 2021

I signed up, a year plus ago. Stock down under service is only getting better.
Many of us are new to markets, and do not know how to identify opportunities.
Technical analysis or fundamental, top picks and webinars you name it.
All the tools i need to trade or invest. This full support package , give me more confidence to buy low sell high. My portfolio is just getting better at a fraction of my profits.
i listened to Stuart Roberts and i signed up.
So definitely do yourself and your portfolio a favor and sign is worth it

Nick M.
14 October 2021

Having sold my AfterPay shares at $15 back in the day, I was looking to get back into stocks. I took on the trial and recently jumped onto a subscription. I just took my first profit and grinning from ear to ear. Being relatively junior to trading, I've found level of analysis, insights and data SDU provide are a solid basis to assist in making the decision to invest.
Would highly recommend to anyone!

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