Resources Stocks Down Under 26 November 2020: Carnarvon Petroleum, Stavely Minerals, Bardoc Gold

Resources Stocks Down Under: Carnarvon Petroleum, Stavely Minerals, Bardoc Gold

Carnarvon Petroleum: Holding onto black gold

In today’s edition of Resources Stocks Down Under, Carnarvon Petroleum’s Dorado offshore discovery of 2018 is turning out to be a ‘company maker’ even with the company owning just 20%. Carnarvon continued its forward momentum during the September quarter, following up with expansion targets through 3D seismic data and finalising its commercial and technical evaluations of the Dorado wellhead and offshore supply developments. The company’s latest work with seismic 3D data has led to improved confidence in the Dorado Project and surrounding fields.

Also in today’s edition, a look at copper and gold miner Stavely Minerals (ASX: SVY) and gold miner Bardoc Gold (ASX: BDC).

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