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Introduction to Prescient Therapeutics

Prescient Therapeutics (ASX:PTX) is an ASX-listed oncology drug developer. Its lead compound is a small molecule called PTX-100, a potential future treatment for T-Cell Lymphoma. It has two cell therapy platform technologies as well: OmniCAR, which allows CAR-T therapy products to be developed, and CellPryme, which allows enhanced adoptive cell therapy performance.

Of these assets, PTX-100 has the most potential to create shareholder value in the short-term, given encouraging Phase 1 data as well as the lack of current treatment options for T-Cell Lymphoma and dire outlook for this diagnosed with it. The company is planning to start a Phase 2 trial by the end of CY24, and could gain accelerated FDA approval if and when this trial is successful.

Prescient Therapeutics' History

Prescient Therapeutics was founded in 2014 when bio-entrepreneur Paul Hopper licensed the rights to PTX-100 from Yale University. He then listed the company on the ASX in a reverse shell transaction, taking over Virax.

A Phase 1 study was undertaken in 2019 but was initially just a dose escalation study. Phase 1b was completed in 2021 with an excellent safety profile and clinical signal. In 2022, an expansion cohort was recruited to focus specifically on T-Cell Lymphoma, and the company obtained Orphan Drug Designation status for the first time.

OmniCAR was picked up in May 2020, being licensed from the University of Pennsylvania and Oxford University. PTX was also working on CellPryme, but only took it out of 'stealth mode' in 2022.

Future Outlook Prescient Therapeutics (ASX: PTX)

Prescient Therapeutics has a positive trajectory, given the groundbreaking data in T-cell lymphomas, the potential for approval post-Phase 2 and the track record of Orphan Drug companies to create value for their shareholders (whether through commercialisation in their own right or M&A).

The next catalyst for the company will be starting that Phase 2 trial, planned to happen by the end of this year.

Is Prescient Therapeutics a Good Stock to Buy?

Investing in Prescient Therapeutics is risky as is the case with any clinical stage biotech. Nonetheless, it has several advantages over its peers including having an Orphan Drug, starting a potentially pivotal clinical trial in less than 12 months and targeting a disease for which there are no treatments for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PTX-100 is unique as it's the only clinical-stage inhibitor of the RhoA pathway, targeting a crucial aspect of cancer cell growth. Its ability to disrupt multiple cancer circuits, including Ras, Ral, and Rac, provides a novel approach to attacking aggressive cancer types.

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