Small Cap Stocks Down Under 12 February 2021: Secos Group, Waterco, Pure Foods Tasmania

Small Cap Stocks Down Under: Secos Group, Waterco, Pure Foods Tasmania

Secos Group: Plastic disappears and profits appear

In today’s edition of Small Cap Stocks Down Under, At its Melbourne headquarters is a company set on solving the world’s plastic epidemic while making a monetary killing in the process. The world is drowning in plastic as over 91% is not recycled. To solve this, Secos has developed a plastic that is not just biodegradable, but compostable. The company has recently begun to achieve some major traction as its bags were added to Woolworths’ catalogue, and we think this is just the beginning.

Also in today’s edition, a look at pool and spa filter company Waterco (ASX: WAT) and Tasmanian food conglomerate Pure Foods Tasmania (ASX: PFT).

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