Date of inclusion: 10 March 2021
Share price on inclusion: $14.67

Date of exclusion: 6 September 2021
Share price on exclusion: $19.47


Following a performance of 32.7% since 10 March 2021, we are removing Lovisa from Marc & Stuart’s Top Picks list.

Let’s start off by saying that we still like Lovisa as a company. It once again performed strongly in the past six months of the financial year and the shares ticked up nicely after the results announcement in August. However, we suspect we may see lockdown-induced weakness in sales in the current fiscal half year.

Additionally, the stock’s trading pattern shows that the stock will typically trade sideways for a while following an uptick after earnings announcements. It’s done that several times in a row. In other words, we expect mostly sideways trading in the next 4 to 5 months, so it may be dead money for a while. We think we should put that money to better use elsewhere.


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