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Introduction to Cyclopharm

Cyclopharm (ASX:CYC) is a radiopharmaceutical company that is responsible for Technegas, a proprietary functional lung ventilation imaging agent.

Essentially, a patient inhales Technegas before undertaking a Ventilation-Perfusion (VQ) scan and it makes the lungs easier to see. The company makes revenues through Technegas generators, but also through consumables and after-sales services of the devices. Technegas is not only less damaging than alternative agents but is highly accurate, is quick and simple to administer and has minimal exclusion criteria (in other words, it can be administered to almost all patients including those with chronic lung obstruction disease).

Technegas is approved and/or sold in over 60 countries globally, a list that has only included the USA since October 2023. 2024 is set to be a key year for the company as it enters the world's largest healthcare market.

Cyclopharm Company History

Technegas was discovered in the mid 1980s and was registered as a drug in Europe in 1996. In 2003-2005, it entered the Canadian market which has grown to be the largest individual nation for Technegas by sales and the company has captured virtually all of the market.

Cyclopharm was incorporated in 2005 and bought Technegas from Vita Life in 2006 via a share exchange. The company listed on the ASX in 2007. For several years, the company strived to gain FDA approval and enter the US market, but it only got the green light in October 2023.

Future Outlook of Cyclopharm Ltd (ASX: CYC)

Cyclopharm has a bright future ahead of it now that it has FDA approval. The company estimates that there is a market opportunity of US$90m or 600,000 procedures. Cyclopharm is targeting 80% of these, or 480,000 of these and believes it can achieve a 50% market share in 2-3 years and 90% in 5-7 years.

Cyclopharm is also seeking to expand the use of Technegas against other indications that could be larger markets - including COPD, asthma and Long COVID.

Is Cyclopharm (ASX: CYC) a Good Stock to Buy?

Yes. There are few other biotech stocks to have recently achieved FDA approval, have the market right in its grasp and has a proven track record of entering new markets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Technegas® is Cyclopharm's flagship product, a unique diagnostic agent used in lung ventilation imaging, crucial for diagnosing pulmonary embolism and other respiratory conditions.

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