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About Infomedia

Infomedia, which was founded in 1987, provides cloud-based parts and service software to the global automobile industry. It has over 250,000 active users in 186 countries and it has a healthy geographical mix of revenue (37% from the Americas, 32% from the Asia-Pacific and 31% from Europe).

Infomedia has four key products which complement each other while proving their individual worth at different stages of the vehicle and customer lifecycles:

MicroCat – EPC parts solutions focused on driving parts sales.

SuperService – Service quoting and vehicle inspection solutions.

InfoDrive – Vehicle and customer lifecycle management.

SimplePart – Grows sales of automaker parts and accessories.

Infomedia Company History

Infomedia was founded in 1987, by Richard Graham, and listed on the ASX in August 2000. The company began as a computer importer but acquired the intellectual property for the MicroCat software in 1992. Mr Graham saw theneed for the industry to have data organised and turned into relevant information, and thereby empower the company.

Within a decade, Infomedia had become the dominant player globally in the electronic autoparts catalogue business, and its software was used by tens of thousands of dealers globally. All the while, the company continued to launch new products. But a pivotal moment came in 2012 when the SuperService platform was born, the industry’s first integrated service platform, containing several software solutions that Infomedia has acquired in the last decade, along with the original MicroCat solution. Infodrive was introduced by IFM in 2019 following the acquisition of Nidasu, an Australian-based automotive data solutions company. SimplePart was acquired in 2021.

Future Outlook of Infomedia Ltd (ASX:IFM)

Infomedia estimates that it has a US$83bn Total Addressable Market by 2026. This figure is derived from the Sum of the Parts of the global automotive software market, the global automotive big data market and the global connected car solutions market.

Infomedia is seeking to capitalise on five key industry trends. All of these trends are transforming vehicle innovation, dealer efficiency and customer expectations. Namely: The rise of electric vehicles, the increasing ability of cars to capture data, carmakers shifting from a franchised dealer system to a factory-direct sales model, data-driven marketing and a fragmentation of the market.

Is Infomedia (ASX:IFM) a Good Stock to Buy?

Infomedia stands out as a solid investment option. The company has shown strong growth with an 11% increase in revenue and expansion in recurring revenue streams. Their acquisition of SimplePart has broadened their range of products and extended their market reach. Thanks to a healthy financial status with plenty of cash and no debt, Infomedia is a promising pick for long-term investors, depending on their investment goals and market conditions.

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Infomedia provides software solutions that enhance how cars are sold and serviced, improving data analysis and customer experiences for automotive dealers and manufacturers.

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