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About Qantas Airways

Qantas Airways, the national carrier of Australia, is distinguished as the country's largest airline by fleet size, international flights, and international destinations. Founded in November 1920, Qantas is not only steeped in history as the second oldest continuously operating airline globally, after KLM Royal Dutch Airlines but also as an innovator in the aviation industry.

Qantas Airways Company History

Qantas was founded in Longreach, Queensland in November 1920, with its first aircraft an Avro504K. In 1933, the company and British Imperial Airways formed Qantas Empire Airways (QEA) and it began overseas flights - starting to Singapore in 1935. In 1947, QEA was nationalised by the government and was privitised again in 1993. By this point it had well and truly entered the jet age and was a naescant domestic airline, having merged with Australian Airlines. During the 2000s, it launched low-cost carrier Jetstar.

The airline was substantially hit by the pandemic, suspending regular overseas flights for over 18 months and then enduring a tough road to recovery amidst high fuel prices and consumers taking their time to return to the skies.

Future Outlook of Qantas Airways (ASX: QAN)

It is difficult to tell with the company facing several headwinds and tailwinds. Among the headwinds are increased competition from carriers both newcomers like Turkish Airways, established carriers like the Middle Eastern 3 and various Chinese carriers. It has also faced increased reputational scrutiny amidst service challenges during and after the pandemic.

Its tailwinds include its Qantas Loyalty business - a proven cash cow in good times and in bad - as well as its forthcoming fleet renewal, including Airbus A350s that will result in non-stop flights between Australia and New York and London being launched.

Qantas's future outlook hinges on its ability to innovate, maintain its strong domestic market share, and effectively respond to the evolving international market dynamics.

Is Qantas Airways a Good Stock to Buy?

Airline stocks like Qantas may look like good stocks to buy, but are often quite volatile and investors need to be aware of this. In our view, we wouldn't invest in Qantas right now given concerns about competition and its forthcoming capex bill.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Qantas Airways boasts a diverse and modern fleet, primarily comprising Boeing 787 Dreamliners, Airbus A330s, and the larger Airbus A380s. This variety allows Qantas to efficiently service both long-haul international routes and shorter domestic flights, offering flexibility and comfort to meet various passenger needs and preferences.

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