3 Best Performing ASX shares in week 47, 1 December 2021

Marc Kennis Marc Kennis, December 8, 2021

Best performing ASX shares: This week saw 3 stocks perform exceptionally well: Tuas (ASX:TUA) was up 45.8%, IDT Australia (ASX:IDT) went up 33.3% while Aston Minerals (ASX:ASO) rose 26.1%, making up the Top 3 Best performing ASX shares.


1. Tuas (ASX: TUA)

Industry: Technology

Tuas Limited (ASX: TUA) and its controlled entities consist of Tuas Limited and its wholly owned subsidiaries TPG Telecom Pte Limited (TPG Singapore) and Tuas Solutions Sdn Bhd. Tuas was incorporated in Australia in March 2020 in anticipation of the demerger of the Singapore operations of TPG Telecom Limited resulting from the merger between TPG Telecom Australia and Vodafone Hutchsion Australia.

Market Cap: $923M

12 month high / low: $2.32 – $0.58





2. IDT Australia (ASX: IDT)

Industry: Healthcare

IDT Australia Limited (ASX: IDT) is into supply of products and provision of research and development and other technical services for the pharmaceutical and related industries.

Market Cap: $124M

12 month high / low: $0.76 – $0.17


IDT Australia



3. Aston Minerals (ASX: ASO)

Industry: Basic Materials

Aston Minerals Limited (ASO, formerly European Cobalt Limited) is a mineral exploration company focusing on acquiring base metals, gold and coal projects. Currently, ASO focuses on the Dobsina Project, Jouhineva Project and Edleston Gold Project.

Market Cap: $115M

12 month high / low: $0.23 – $0.03


Aston Minerals



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