3 Best Performing ASX shares in week 46, November 2021

Marc Kennis Marc Kennis, December 8, 2021

Best performing ASX shares: Market rout or not, this week saw 3 stocks perform exceptionally well: Vection Technologies (VR1) was up 41%, Emyria (EMD) was up 35.4% and EML Payments (EML) rose 24.3%.


1. Vection Technologies (ASX: VR1)

Industry: Technology

Vection Technologies Ltd (VR1, formerly ServTech Global Holdings) is a software company. Through a combination of 3D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Industrial IoT and CAD Solutions, Vection Technologies helps companies and organisations to innovate, collaborate and create value.

Market Cap: $287M

12 month high / low: $0.053 – $0.29


Vection Technologies



2. Emyria (ASX: EMD)

Industry: Healthcare

Emyria Limited (EMD, formerly Emerald Clinics Limited) uses Real-World Evidence through its network of specialist medical clinics and purpose-built, remote patient monitoring software and technology to gather high-quality, clinical data from informed and consenting patients. EMD’s model provides clinical services and healthcare technology that focused on the provision of care for patients clinically determined to have exhausted conventional therapies.

Market Cap: $68M

12 month high / low: $0.075 – $0.505





3. EML Payments (ASX: EML)

Industry: Industrials

EML Payments Limited (EML, formerly Emerchants Limited) is the provider of payment solutions in Australia offering payment technology solutions for payouts, gifts, incentives and rewards, and supplier payments. EML issues mobile, virtual and physical card solutions to some of the corporate brands around the world and manages more than 3,500 programs across 26 countries, including Europe, Australia and North America.

Market Cap: $1.4bn

12 month high / low: $2.47 – $5.89


EML Payments



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