These 2 ASX biotechs reported strong clinical data from Phase 2 trials

Nick Sundich Nick Sundich, October 10, 2023

Clinical data is the best way for investors in ASX biotechs to tell whether or not it has a chance of going anywhere. And this morning, two companies announced encouraging results.




Good clinical data from EMVision

The first of these was EMVision (ASX:EMV), which is developing a brain scanning device that it hopes can detect stroke by observing blood flow in the brain.

The company only reported interim results from a small sample set (15 patients out of the planned 150 to be enrolled in the trial) and has not even finished recruiting patients yet. But the results were good. The algorithm in the device correctly identified in all patients which ones had haemorrhage and those that did not. This is a good sign that it is on the right track.

It will inevitably help it obtain prospective commercial and research partners as well as to engage with the FDA.


And from Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals too

Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals (ASX:PAR) was the other company to report clinical data from a Phase 2 trial. And unlike EMVision, this was final data from the trial.

The company has a drug that it is trying to help ease the burden of knee osteoarthritis. No OA drug showed durable and meaningful improvement in pain and function at 12 months after just 1 course of treatment…until now. Patients receiving Paradigm’s drug (iPPS) twice weekly for 6 weeks reported significant pain reduction, functional improvement and reduced stiffness compared to the placebo option.

The company told investors it intends to proceed with a Provisional Approval application to Australia’s medical regulator the TGA.


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