ASX graphite stocks are massively undervalued given the lithium-ion battery trends through 2030

Marc Kennis Marc Kennis, September 20, 2023

Keep an eye on ASX graphite stocks!

Stuart Roberts from Stocks Down Under predicts a massive lithium boom and continued increases in lithium prices until 2030. He believes many domestic projects will leverage off of this and would benefit from incentives to do more downstream projects in Australia instead of shipping out low-grade materials overseas.

Stuart also sees graphite as an indispensable part of the lithium-ion battery and predicts a massive graphite boom in the future. Stuart advises to examine emerging ASX graphite stocks trading at cents on the dollar.

ASX graphite stocks to look at? Black Rock Mining (ASX:BKT) and Evion Group (ASX:EVG), the former Blackearth Minerals. The team at Stocks Down Under own shares in both companies!


Stuart Roberts on AusBiz talking about ASX graphite and lithium stocks


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