Emerging Stocks Down Under 16 March 2021: Cyclopharm, ReadyTech, Webcentral Group

Emerging Stocks Down Under: Cyclopharm, ReadyTech, Webcentral Group

Cyclopharm: USA bound

In today’s edition of Emerging Stocks Down Under, headquartered in Kingsgrove, New South Wales, is a company on a mission to improve lung imaging safety. When imaging the lungs for, say, a pulmonary embolism, the patient inhales a gasified, radioactive compound that expands through the pathways of the lung, allowing a gamma camera to create an image of the lung.
Cyclopharm’s product Technegas is believed by management to offer not only a less damaging, but a more effective alternative radioactive compound. With all indications pointing to approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration during 2Q21, things are looking up for Cyclopharm.

Also in today’s edition, a look at data management software developer ReadyTech (ASX: RDY) and domain management company the Webcentral Group (ASX: WCG).




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