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4DS Memory is a publicly listed company on the ASX, developing a non-volatile memory (NVM) semiconductor technology known as ReRAM (Resistive Random-Access Memory). NVM is so-called because it does not require continuous power to retain any data or program code.

ReRAM in general is superior to many other Flash alternatives in many respects, including endurance, data retention capabilities, power consumption, security, environmental tolerance and capital costs. But 4DS' is unique because 4DS uses a material called Praeseodymium Calcium Manganese Oxide (PCMO) as a 'middle layer' to alter resistance levels in a ReRAM cell. Positive or negative voltages are applied to one electrode, causing oxygen ions move to and from the PCMO layer. In turn, this creates a conductivity or resistance in the entire PCMO layer, which represents a state of 1 or 0 respectively. So What? Well the endurance of the memory cell, and hence capability of the final electronic device, is substantially higher.

4DS Memory is based in West Perth, Australia, and has R&D operations in Silicon Valley, California. The company owns 34 US-granted patents for its technology and has had a near-decade long partnership with HGST, a Western Digital subsidiary, that has helped develop the technology. It has also collaborated with imec in Belgium since 2017.

Future Outlook of 4DS Memory (ASX:4DS)

Although commercialisation is still some time away, we expect significant newsflow out of the company over the next couple of years as it continues to test platform lots, and fine-tunes its commercialisation strategy.

ReRAM is going to play a major role in the rise of AI. Enormous amounts of data are going to need processing, given that AI technologies rely on the use of a lot of data. This is because they are built on different types of neural nets, which use very large sets of data to create predictive models for different tasks - similar to how the human brain builds recognition and recall.

4DS Memory's ReRAM could be useful in practically any electronic device that requires a memory technology, but particularly those with AI capabilities. It is fast enough to write 1 hours worth of written content in just 4.7ns - this is way faster than ChatGPT. The most recent analysis of its cells showed read and write speeds at 9.5 nanoseconds, as well as endurance well in excess of 3 billion cycles.

Is 4DS Memory (ASX:4DS) a Good Stock to Buy?

Investing in 4DS Memory means getting involved with a company with enormous potential but at an early stage. So te risk is high, but so is the potential return.

We believe 4DS Memory is one of the best ways to gain exposure to AI on the ASX. The company owns a spectacular technology that can make a big difference in the semiconductor industry if and when 4DS Memory can commercialise it.

Assuming successful production and testing of the upcoming Platform lots, we believe the company can create significant shareholder value in the next little while.

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4DS Memory is all about Interface Switching ReRAM, a non-volatile memory technology. It’s designed to enhance the performance of next-generation gigabyte Storage Class Memory, known for its density and scalability.

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