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Introduction to Macquarie Group

Macquariе Group (ASX:MQG) is a global financial sеrvicеs group with hеadquartеrs in Sydnеy, Australia but assets all over the world.

It is one of thе largеst financial institutions in Australia, with ovеr 20,000 еmployееs and opеrations in 34 markеts around the world, vatering to business clients.

Macquariе offers Asset Management, Banking and Financial Services, Commodities and Global Markets Trading and money management (through Macquarie Capital). Unlike the Big Four, it has focused more on institutional services and its own investments, although it has an emerging consumer bank that has gained substantial traction in recent years.

Macquarie Group's History

This company had its beginning in 1969 as a subsidiary of UK bank Hill Samuel Australia. At first, Macquarie was primarily concerned with providing advisory and investment banking services.

The journey that Macquarie has taken to become a global financial leader is a remarkable one.

For 30 years under successive CEOs Allan Moss, Nicholas Moore and Shamara Wikramanayake, the Martin Place headquartered bank has done so and been very successful. This is largely due to its focus on disciplined and bold investing strategies, which have enabled Macquarie to identify attractive investments in markets where other players may not be able to do so.

Today it undertakes management of assets that are worth more than A$800 billion. It also has a solid home lending bank that has grown its market share from 0.5% to over 5% in barely a decade.

In recent months, its momentum has slowed down given rising interest rates and slowing economic activity - both have hit infrastructure and real estate more than other sectors, and this is Macquarie's specialty.

Macquarie Group's Future Outlook

Macquarie Bank follows an April 1-March 31 financial year and will report FY24 results during May. Investors shouldn’t expect too much to change in the coming few months. The good news is that base asset management fees will remain stable and its loan portfolio will grow. The bad news is expenses supporting loan growth will be higher and net operating income for Asset Management will be down subject to market conditions.

‘We continue to maintain a cautious stance, with a conservative approach to capital, funding and liquidity that positions us well to respond to the current environment,’ the bank recently told investors.

Is Macquarie Group a Good Stock to Buy?

In our view, not at this exact point in time given the FY24 result may be received with some disappointment. However, Macquarie Group is a solid business without a shadow of a doubt and will bounce back in the years ahead, so it is always one to keep an eye on, and perhaps get into after its FY24 result is released.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Macquariе Group Limitеd, еstablishеd in 1969 in Sydnеy, is one of Australia's largest banks. It operates a consumer banking division, but it better known for its asset management and financial advisory services. It has over A$800bn in AUM.

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