Add a hot slice of Domino’s Pizza (ASX:DMP) to your portfolio for 2023

Marc Kennis Marc Kennis, July 22, 2022

Domino’s Pizza is a Tech company, not a food company!

There are a few market dogs of the 2022 financial year to keep your eye on in the view of Stuart Roberts from Pitt Street Research.

However, the standout stock of the bunch on his radar is Domino’s Pizza (ASX:DMP). He tells us the company’s less-than-ideal FY22 performance bodes well for a rebound in FY23 as consumers continue will continue to turn to the company for a cheaper food option in the face of rampant inflation. As Stuart points out, the price of a pizza from Domino’s Pizza hasn’t gone up all that much.

The company also expects to double its store count by 2030, with new stores popping up somewhere in the world almost every day. Stuart considers this a strong growth engine, harnessed to a strong technology engine. He also notes the gig worker economy as a huge factor for change in the quick-service food market, which can only encourage consumers to order more of the product.

So add a hot slice of Domino’s Pizza to your portfolio!

Watch the entire interview below!



Domino's Pizza



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