ASX Top 200 Stocks Down Under 12 September 2022: Altium (ASX:ALU)

Altium: The forgotten WAAAX stock

Remember the acronym WAAAX used by ASX investors for a few years before the Tech Crunch of 2022? Most would be familiar with four of the five companies making up the acronym – WiseTech, AfterPay (now Block), Appen and Xero – but we think fewer would be familiar with the fifth member, Altium. You see, Altium may have a longer history than the other four, having listed way back in 1999 – back then it could raise $30m at $2
per share. But in that history there have been some bad times that took the stock as low as 9c in 2011. Since 2011, however, it has been onwards and upwards, and Altium’s latest results certainly made investors take notice.


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