ASX Top 200 Stocks Down Under 13 December 2021: Corporate Travel Management, Pexa Group, BSP Financial Group

Corporate Travel Management: In the cockpit for industry consolidation

In today’s edition of ASX Top 200 Stocks Down Under, in March 2020 it was no longer business as usual for Brisbane-based Corporate Travel Management. The global travel service provider was beginning to feel the effects of grounded corporate travel due to the Coronavirus. The stock crashed to its lowest level since 2013, but quickly returned to pre-pandemic pricing. With the share now up 17.7% over the last 12 months, we wonder if the market has given too much credit to the company in an environment where corporate travel is not the same — and may never be again.


Also in today’s edition, a look at digital property platform the Pexa Group (ASX: PXA) and Pacific-based payment and deposit institution the BSP Financial Group (ASX: BFL).


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