Interested in ASX semiconductor stocks? Here’s how to play the semiconductor cycle through the ASX

Marc Kennis Marc Kennis, April 6, 2022

Interested in ASX semiconductor stocks?


Nearly every digital electronic device today is powered by semiconductors, which contain silicon and are critical for creating integrated circuits, also referred to as microchips. Part of the problem is that the return on investment isn’t compelling enough to build new foundries—which cost billions of dollars and take years to construct—to satisfy the demand by automakers.

Some of the other problems include customers hoarding supplies and buying more components than they need in case supply dries up. Companies like Huawei stockpiled supplies in advance of US tech bans on China earlier this year.

Long story short? This problem will extend well into next year and there are a few burgeoning ASX players who stand to benefit. Which ones? Tune into this chat with Marc Kennis from Stocks Down Under.


Stocks Down Under’s own Marc Kennis on the Semiconductor sector


ASX semiconductor stocks



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