Judo Bank shares (ASX:JDO) represent shares in a company that has a black belt in SME relationship banking

Marc Kennis Marc Kennis, March 3, 2023

Why consider Judo Bank shares?

On AusBiz, our own Stuart Roberts zoned in on Judo Bank shares. Stuart says the big banks are basically sclerotic in terms of their innovation and thinks Judo Capital Holdings (ASX: JDO) proved that it could grow just by offering old fashioned relationship banking, with a brand new 21st century platform to execute.

Judo Bank is small now, but it could become a big bank, so it begs the question, how long until we don’t need four pillars any more?

Check out the full chat on AusBiz below.

Judo Bank

Stuart Roberts on AusBiz talking about Judo Bank (ASX:JDO)


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