Can we expect a bull market in 2023?

Marc Kennis Marc Kennis, January 4, 2023

Will we see a bull market in 2023?

Move over bears, Stuart Roberts from Stocks Down Under is bullish for 2023.

He points to China’s reopening, energy price falls and the underlying strength of the Australian consumers as the reasons. He says the RBA will pause after hiking rates by 25 basis points in February. 

Stuart says bargains abound in the property sector as well as the consumer discretionary and tech sectors. He expects the bad news has been mostly priced-in and share prices will rise from here. 

Listen for why Stuart reckons we’ll be telling our grandchildren what a bargain Star Entertainment (ASX:SGR) was at these levels but he also says, “buyer beware.”



Bull market in 2023

Stuart Roberts on AusBiz talking about the bull market in 2023



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Can we expect a bull market in 2023? 1



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